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PC Health Desk is an Australian owned and operated IT company, established in 2008 with a focus on providing customised IT services to Small and Medium sized Businesses.

With a team of highly experienced staff we pride ourselves in customizing our services to fit each client’s specific circumstances..

Our aim is to assist our clients to achieve their business goals and objectives through the intelligent and efficient use of appropriate business systems and technology.

We maintain our knowledge of new technologies and emerging and trends which enables us to assist our clients to identify the available options and to arrive at efficient, economic, satisfactory and secure solutions that also provide added value to the client enterprise.

We are a small business so we understand some of the potential constraints around budgets, staffing, technical knowledge, efficiencies and suitability of the solutions we provide.

Our Core Values

End-to-end Solutions

You can trust us to be your “one-stop-shop” for your turn-key systems. One of our specialties is supporting start-up installations, where we are able to provide all services from analysis to installation and implementation hand-over for your business IT needs. Simply tell us what kind of business you intend to start-up and we will project manage all steps of the IT installation. This will include setting up your in-house systems to interface with any external software, hardware or cloud hosted infrastructure that is unique to your industry.  An example of this is the interfacing of  Health Practitioner and Provider data with the encrypted Australian Government Medicare Online claiming systems. With our vast experience with business start-ups you can be assured that we are fully aware of  the necessary processes and procedures necessary to set-up your new office facility.

Problem Solver

There is no problem too big or too small that we cannot solve and have not solved. Our track records and testimonials from our current clients are proof that we have always come up with solutions to problems in a timely and professional manner. Due to the inquiring and professional  nature of our engineers, we simply never give up until an IT issue or problem is solved and this we do with great pride and sometimes without any extra costs to the customer.

Forward Thinking

We pride ourselves in keeping up to date with new technology and understanding how this can enhance our client’s operations and so we position ourselves to always recommend new ideas and solutions to keep up with the ever evolving IT industry. We also keep informed with changes in specific industries due to legislative or other changes and will highlight these to our client’s especially where any change will affect the way they do business or the volume or capacity of their business operations.  Our Business Analysts are able to give advice on non-IT issues which will also assist in enhancing our client’s overall business efficiencies.

Customer Support

Our support team comprises of very experienced and dedicated staff  who understand that the rule of the game is that “customer service”  is not a department, it is a role of everyone in our company.  Even though we love our technologies and IT gadgetry we make every effort to simplify our explanations and solutions especially when walking our customers through the problem-solving steps. We know the right questions to ask and from the answers we can logically make accurate deductions on the solutions to issues.

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